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PWM LED Dimmers With 0-10V Control

Low voltage (12-24V DC) LED Dimmers utilising the universal 0-10V analogue dimming interface.

These voltage controlled dimmers are designed to accept a universal 0-10V control voltage input found on home automation devices and PLCs such as Crestron™ controllers. Zero volts input turns the lamp fully off, 10V input turns the lamp fully on, and everywhere in between.

The DIM14 series provides an excellent way to control high power lighting from a PLC or Crestron&trase; or similar controller.

Suitable for all low voltage incandescent and halogen lamps, and most low voltage LED lamps. Particularly suitable for LED tape/strip.

DIM14 product image
DIM14 - 0-10 Voltage Controlled LED Dimmer

DIM14 datasheet£43.20Add DIM14 to basket
DIM14HP product image
DIM14HP - 0-10 Voltage Controlled High Power LED Dimmer, IP68

DIM14HP datasheet£60.00Add DIM14HP to basket
DIM14DIN product image
DIM14DIN - DIN-Mount 0-10 Voltage Controlled LED Dimmer

DIM14DIN datasheet£43.20Add DIM14DIN to basket
DIM14N product image
DIM14N - 0-10 Voltage Controlled Negative Output LED Dimmer

DIM14N datasheet£43.20Add DIM14N to basket
DIM14NDIN product image
DIM14NDIN - 0-10 Voltage Controlled Negative Output DIN-mount LED Dimmer

DIM14NDIN datasheet£43.20Add DIM14NDIN to basket
DIM14-2W product image
DIM14-2W - Dual Output Dual Switch LED Dimmer, IP68

DIM14-2W datasheet£66.00Add DIM14-2W to basket
DIM14-2DIN product image
DIM14-2DIN - Dual Output Dual Switch DIN LED Dimmer

DIM14-2DIN datasheet£66.00Add DIM14-2DIN to basket
DIM84DIN product image
DIM84DIN - 8 Channel Voltage Controlled LED Dimmer

DIM84DIN datasheet£210.00Add DIM84DIN to basket
DIM84NDIN product image
DIM84NDIN - 8 Channel Voltage Controlled Low Side LED Dimmer

DIM84NDIN datasheet£222.00Add DIM84NDIN to basket

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