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In order to concentrate on electronic design and manufacture, beginning February 2016 we are no longer undertaking repairs of any equipment.

It's not a decision we've taken lightly, we have always repaired all kinds of electronic devices since our formation. The experience we've gathered by performing extensive component-level repair on all kinds of electronics over the years has helped us design better products in diverse markets. But as our business has grown, so have the demands on our time and resources, and we feel it is now time to take the business in a new direction.

Many thanks to everyone who has sent us broken stuff over the years!

Our former repair technician Michael is now a full-time electrician but is still doing selected repairs, please visit www.setar.co.uk.

We can also recommend London-based Service Department Steve for repair services: www.servicedept.co.uk.

Please see some of our previous repairs by clicking the images below.

Cairn K05 A Big Motorhome Beresford TC7510 DAC Void Infinite 8 Wurlitzer Lyric Jukebox Frank Zappa Mixer VAC Valve Amplifier
Cairn K05 A Big Motorhome Beresford DAC Void Infinite 8 Wurlitzer Jukebox Frank Zappa's Mixer VAC Valve Amplifier
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