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PWM LED Dimmers in a DIN-mount package

Low voltage (12-24V DC) PWM LED Dimmers in a standard DIN-mount package. Multichannel versions from 1 to 8 channels are available in both positive and negative output versions. Please contact us for more info.

DIM11DIN product image
DIM11DIN - DIN-Mount Single Switch LED Dimmer

DIM11DIN datasheet£40.80Add DIM11DIN to basket
DIM12DIN product image
DIM12DIN - DIN-Mount Potentiometer Controlled LED Dimmer

DIM12DIN datasheet£40.80Add DIM12DIN to basket
DIM13DIN product image
DIM13DIN - DIN-Mount Dual Switch LED Dimmer

DIM13DIN datasheet£40.80Add DIM13DIN to basket
DIM14DIN product image
DIM14DIN - DIN-Mount 0-10 Voltage Controlled LED Dimmer

DIM14DIN datasheet£40.80Add DIM14DIN to basket
DIM81DIN product image
DIM81DIN - 8 Channel OneTouch LED Dimmer

DIM81DIN datasheet£192.00Add DIM81DIN to basket
DIM84DIN product image
DIM84DIN - 8 Channel Voltage Controlled LED Dimmer

DIM84DIN datasheet£192.00Add DIM84DIN to basket
DIM11NDIN product image
DIM11NDIN - Single Switch One Touch Negative DIN-mount LED Dimmer

DIM11NDIN datasheet£43.20Add DIM11NDIN to basket
DIM12NDIN product image
DIM12NDIN - Potentiometer Controlled Negative Output DIN-mount LED Dimmer

DIM12NDIN datasheet£43.20Add DIM12NDIN to basket
DIM14NDIN product image
DIM14NDIN - 0-10 Voltage Controlled Negative Output DIN-mount LED Dimmer

DIM14NDIN datasheet£43.20Add DIM14NDIN to basket
DIM84NDIN product image
DIM84NDIN - 8 Channel Voltage Controlled Low Side LED Dimmer

DIM84NDIN datasheet£222.00Add DIM84NDIN to basket
DIM12-2DIN product image
DIM12-2DIN - Dual Output Pot Controlled DIN LED Dimmer

 £60.00Add DIM12-2DIN to basket
DIM13-2DIN product image
DIM13-2DIN - Dual Output Dual Switch DIN LED Dimmer

DIM13-2DIN datasheet£60.00Add DIM13-2DIN to basket

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