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Toggling Relays - Convert Momenrary Switch to Latching

The FOG-901 and FOG-901NP are advanced relays designed to allow a momentary switch to act as a latching switch. The units were originally designed for use with import vehicles to control the rear fog light from a momentary switch in the dashboard, but they are suitable for controlling any load within the rating.

Rated at 12V DC, the FOG-901 is hermetically sealed and watertight and is rated at 5A load, while the FOG-901NP is a bare-board unprotected unit rated at 15A. Otherwise the units are functionally identical. (Inductive loads should be suitably de-rated and fitted with a back-emf diode before connection to the FOG-901 or FOG-901NP).

  • One single wire to the switch (other side of switch is earthed locally)
  • Switch lights up dimly when output is off – easy to spot it in the dark (LED in switch required)
  • Switch lights up brightly when output is on
  • Uses ANY momentary switch (illuminated or otherwise)
  • Output up to 5A for the FOG-901 or 15A for the FOG-901NP
  • Self-cancelling
  • Hermetically sealed in epoxy resin – IP68 rated (FOG-901)
  • Economical bare-board version available (FOG-901NP
  • Small size enclosure for FOG-901 (40 x 40 x 20mm)
  • Small size PCB for FOG-901NP (35 x 28 x 15mm)
  • Extremely reliable
  • 12V supply

Applications include:

  • Self-cancelling fog-light control
  • Demister control
  • Overdrive solenoid control
  • Automotive/Marine lighting
FOG-901 product image
FOG-901 - Momentary Switch Converter

FOG-901 datasheet£28.80Add FOG-901 to basket
FOG-901NP product image
FOG-901NP - Momentary Switch Converter, Non-Potted

FOG-901NP datasheet£20.40Add FOG-901NP to basket

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