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Abeltronics is an electronic engineering, design and manufacturing company based in Norfolk, UK. We design and manufacture our own products in-house, and we produce customised electronic devices for other organisations.

When off the shelf solutions just don't cut it, talk to us for a customised product tailored to your needs.


Highlighted Products

DIM11 product image
DIM11 - Single Switch One Touch LED Dimmer

DIM11 datasheet£43.20Add DIM11 to basket
DIM12 product image
DIM12 - Potentiometer Controlled LED Dimmer

DIM12 datasheet£43.20Add DIM12 to basket
DIM13 product image
DIM13 - Dual Switch LED Dimmer

DIM13 datasheet£43.20Add DIM13 to basket
DIM14 product image
DIM14 - 0-10 Voltage Controlled LED Dimmer

DIM14 datasheet£43.20Add DIM14 to basket
DIM11DIN product image
DIM11DIN - DIN-Mount Single Switch LED Dimmer

DIM11DIN datasheet£43.20Add DIM11DIN to basket
DIM12DIN product image
DIM12DIN - DIN-Mount Potentiometer Controlled LED Dimmer

DIM12DIN datasheet£43.20Add DIM12DIN to basket
DIM13DIN product image
DIM13DIN - DIN-Mount Dual Switch LED Dimmer

DIM13DIN datasheet£43.20Add DIM13DIN to basket
DIM14DIN product image
DIM14DIN - DIN-Mount 0-10 Voltage Controlled LED Dimmer

DIM14DIN datasheet£43.20Add DIM14DIN to basket
RR7 product image
RR7 - 7 Inch ESD SMD Reel Storage Rack

 £20.40Add RR7 to basket
RR12 product image
RR12 - 12 Inch ESD SMD Reel Storage Rack

 £36.00Add RR12 to basket
SFDP122-22 product image
SFDP122-22 - SFDP122 Technics Phono RCA Tonearm PCB

 £5.40Add SFDP122-22 to basket
FOG-901 product image
FOG-901 - Momentary Switch Converter

FOG-901 datasheet£28.80Add FOG-901 to basket
DIM84DIN product image
DIM84DIN - 8 Channel Voltage Controlled LED Dimmer

DIM84DIN datasheet£210.00Add DIM84DIN to basket
SFDP122-22G product image
SFDP122-22G - SFDP122 Technics Phono RCA Tonearm PCB Gold

 £12.00Add SFDP122-22G to basket
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