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Peavey GPS-3400 Amplifier Test Results

Workhorse amplifier from Peavey

Heavy and powerful, this amp packs a fair punch.

Freq 8R Performance 4R Performance 2R Performance
  Watts THD% Watts THD% Watts THD%
40Hz 8570.1013320.15--
All results taken with sine wave input into a resistive dummy load of 8, 4 and 2 ohms (where applicable), two channels simultaneously driven (unless otherwise stated), at the threshold of clipping. These results should be considered maximum 'continuous RMS' power ratings (>5 seconds). Distortion measurements, labelled THD%, are taken with an HP8903A audio analyser (80kHz Bandwidth).

Manufacturer Peavey
Model GPS-3400
Weight 23 kg
Power to weight Ratio1 115.3 W/kg
Notes Tested 17-04-2010, Mains voltage did not fall below 241V
Manufacturer's Website http://www.peavey.com

1 Power to weight ratio is calculated by taking the average of the power measurements at 4 ohms, multiplying by the number of driven amp channels, and then dividing this value by the weight of the amplifier.

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